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Rogelio Figueras Llaveria, after having gained more than 12 years' experience with one of the world's leading button manufactures, TOAR, S.A. and later with KANASE, S.A., involved in the transformation of polyester resin for Buttons, created EBREBOTÓ in 2001, a company dedicated to producing all types of buttons, located in Santa Barbàra (Tarragona), a region with a long button-making tradition.

Over time, at Ebrebotó we developed samples adapted to all types of clothing manufacturers and accessory wholesalers. In 2009, we moved to a 500 m2 warehouse to keep up with new developments in the manufacture of polyester, natural mother-of-pearl, natural horn, natural corozo, duffle coats and lasers, to personalise all type of buttons for shirts, trousers, tailoring, etc. 

Today, at Ebreboto, we work with clients such as Zara, Mango, Cortefiel and Punto Roma, amongst others.

Ebo, a new Ebrebotó brand concept, was recently created with a renewed passion for service, distinguished by a personalised relationship with our clients, with a strong commitment to quality and thirst for innovation.

At Ebo, we have renewed our drive for excellence in the quality of our products and pro-activity in our service, making daily improvements in production time efficiency and flexibility.
Pol. Ind. "Barranc de Lledó" Parc 17. nav 2
43570 Santa Bárbara (Tarragona) Spain
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